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Gary Glauber


Inside Outrage

by Gary Glauber

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ABOUT THE BOOK: Inside Outrage captures wild wisdom and abject love, the amity and misguided memories keeping us whole in this precarious viral existence. These points of refuge and resilience both unmask and protect us, using frustrations to confront rooted fears. In the end we must own identities, forgive mistakes, and grow older through the salvation of words. In daring to learn the steps and missteps of this odd dance called life, we maneuver through to find where our Inside Outrage happily resides.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Gary Glauber is a widely published poet, fiction writer, teacher, musician, former music journalist, business owner, and sportswriter. He is the author of five poetry collections: Small Consolations (Aldrich Press), Worth the Candle (Five Oaks Press), Rocky Landscape With Vagrants (Cyberwit Press), A Careful Contrition (Shanti Arts), and Inside Outrage (Sheila-Na-Gig Editions). He also has published two chapbooks: Memory Marries Desire (Finishing Line Press) and The Covalence of Equanimity (SurVision Books), a winner of 2019 James Tate Poetry Contest.

Glauber has had a career featuring over 500 published poems, many of which have been nominated for Best of the Net and Pushcart Prizes. He holds an MFA degree in Playwriting from Carnegie-Mellon University, and he has contributed work to a number of celebrated anthologies. He can often be seen taking part in local and online readings, sharing his work in a variety of venues, including the New York Poetry Festival on Governor’s Island. Over the years, he also has been associated with several larger poetry projects including Found Poetry Review’s ‘Pulitzer Remix,’ wherein he created a diverse cornucopia of 30 poems in one month derived from and inspired by the assigned source material of Richard Russo’s classic novel Empire Falls.

He loves to share his passions for literature, journalism, and music, and he is grateful for the energy and enthusiasm that his students bring to the classroom. These past few years have been unlike any other, presenting challenges from moment to moment, and proving the resourceful resilience of the human spirit. As we slowly emerge into the cautious parameters of this new normal, Glauber remains an astute observer of life’s absurdities, eager to capture the ever-elusive magic of the creative muse again.

ADVANCE PRAISE: “In Gary Glauber’s mesmerizing Inside Outrage, each thought seems to posit its opposite, “featuring science as sentiment, / facts commensurate to fiction.” The result is the record of an “indoor person,” one who “encourag[es] thought beyond / what appears on the page,” a record that takes the reader inside a curious kind of peace disguised as outrage.”

~ John Koethe, author of Walking Backwards: Poems 1966-2016

“How pertinent these poems are at this point in our lives. An ancient seer for modern times, Gary Glauber puts the lushness of life at odds with our need to simplify. Everything in both nature and civilization acts as witness, trees as well as trash cans. These poems are busy—they remind us that, to live our lives to the fullest, we should be, too.”

~ David Kirby, author of Help Me, Information

Inside Outrage takes the reader on a journey to places unknown and illuminates sights unimagined; yet on another page, holds the reader’s hand in the face of the mundane and allows words to reveal the mystery and depth of human nature. One can hardly read the poetry of Gary Glauber without growing to observe the experiences of life with eyesight created anew.”

~ Sand Pilarski, author of Dreamer

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