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Sandi Leibowitz

Sandi Leibowitz, author of Ghost Light, The Bone-Collector, and Eurydice Sings, has won second- and third-place Dwarf Stars, as well as nominations for the Elgin, Rhysling, Pushcart Prize, and Best of the Net awards. She’s been published in Red Eft Review, Trouvaille Review, Verse-Virtual, Alien Buddha Press,and Not Very Quiet. She lives in New York City but you may visit her online at

West Palm Beach Birds

white ibises probing for worms
dipping needle beaks
into the fresh-cut lawn

sparrows sheltering in the shade
of hot-pink hibiscus
in the Walmart parking lot

egrets hunkering down at water’s edge
one plump duck pretending
she belongs to the flock

a mockingbird trying out
his Rich Little act all afternoon
from a condo’s roof

ladies shambling to the Saturday night Show
in rooster-comb-red lipstick
and peacock-tail-green eyeshadow

my mother as I wheel her through
the Norton Museum, craning forward
like a swan to peer at Chinese porcelain

the wheelchair tracking feathers
from an installation
on birds

through the elevator
and down
the halls

a guard
after us
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