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$ Sheila-Na-Gig online Fall Donation Drive $

Hello, Friends of Sheila-Na-Gig online

Each fall I solicit donations for the journal. Your donations help pay for the following:

  • Submittable annual fee
  • WordPress annual fee
  • Contest awards (contest fees alone do not usually cover these)
  • The publication of Sheila-Na-Gig Editions

Since 2015, we have published 9 online editions, containing nearly 200 poets from around the world. We have awarded $900 in quarterly contest awards, and have published one collection through Sheila-Na-Gig Editions.

If you’ve enjoyed being in or reading Sheila-Na-Gig online, please consider donating through PayPal today. You’ll find a handy button for that in our right-hand margin.

Donations are Not tax deductible.

Thanks for your continuing support!

Hayley & Jessica



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