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Marc Swan’s today can take your breath away is selling/reviewing well on Amazon!

Have you bought a copy of Marc Swan’s today can take your breath away? If so, why not leave a review on Amazon? Here’s what reader, Caz, wrote online recently:

“Marc Swan has taken William Carlos William’s dictum of using everyday language to heart. He gives us poems of his, and our, daily life; with insight, careful thought, and dedicated, powerful language. Marc takes us way back, to President Kennedy’s death in 1963, and to more recent tragedies. Marc writes from both political and personal perspectives. We get to travel with him from Maine to California, from moments of grief, to times of joy. Marc Swan is a wonderful storyteller poet. He pays attention, and has paid attention all along, with his keen mind, and with his dynamic poems that talk of journeys, of life and loss, and, most importantly, he gives us poems that speak of the soul. Read this book and travel along. It’s a great ride.”

Why not buy your own copy today?

Sheila-Na-Gig Editions Volume 1:


today can take your breath away

–Marc Swan

ISBN-10: 0692055134

ISBN-13: 978-0692055137

$15.00 Amazon (Amazon)

£10.75 Amazon UK (Amazon UK)

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