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Susanna Connelly Holstein

Storyteller, writer, poet, blogger and ballad singer Susanna Connelly Holstein is from Jackson County, WV. Her work has been published in anthologies, online journals and on four storytelling CDs. A West Virginia History Hero and founding member of the West Virginia Storytelling Guild, Holstein presented Appalachian and Celtic stories and ballads, world folktales, West Virginia ghost stories, folklore and family stories, as well as storytelling and writing workshops for over 25 years. She lives on her 50-acre homestead in Jackson County, West Virginia.


Fairy Circle

The tree stands alone in the field,
branches spread wide and low,
one giant limb, twisted and broken
by a long-ago storm, rests on a gray stone,
still attached to trunk, roots, life.

No apples fall from its ancient limbs,
but in spring pale blossoms jewel its branches,
pool softly on the ground below.
Above, clouds scatter across blue canvas,
form and re-form into sheep, or mares’ tails,
foretelling night rain.

Before dawn moon’s full circle
gilds wet leaves;
one old woman dances on wet petals,
Her skirt full, swirling,
a fairy queen.

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