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Malcolm Glass

Malcolm Glass has published fourteen books. His poems, fiction, and articles have appeared in many journals, including Poetry, Prairie Schooner, and The Sewanee Review. In 2018 Finishing Line Press published his latest collection of poems, Mirrors, Myths, and Dreams.

Winter Landscape

The horizon of the shore, bright
with ice, holds the sun’s fire
through the thin night, a deep drone,
a stretched wire thrumming its blue chill

moan against the crisp iron and stone
of mountains, the hovering sky
brittle with frost. The land

has slipped under waves that bend
and sway the pulse of a lullaby
for the clouds, still as frozen bone.

Clustered in the thick arms of hills,
a village, stave and shingle sewn
into the land, the lonely fire
of window-stars stitching the night.

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