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Bri Craig

Bri Craig (she/her) moonlights as a writer of stories, poetry, and plays. She recently published poetry in The Oakland Review, The Athena Review, and Bourgeon Magazine (2021) as well as an all-female play titled, Purple Ink (Pioneer Drama, 2020). She credits caffeine and her cat as her main sources of inspiration. (@bri.and.her.books)

Peace is a place where no one flinches

Where the skin glows against the touch of fingers
Where the spine faces the door with a smile
Where the sounds cannot stir us from our sleep

May peace be the gentle wave coaxing trauma
From our grasp like sand between a child’s plump
Fingers. Pull our clamshell hearts out to water so blue,
We doubt we ever knew the true meaning of blue.
Peace is a place where the waves of our souls waltz
To the music of the celestial bodies above.

Where only the earth tremors
Where only the moon loses light
Where only the waves recede into the night.
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