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Sandy Coomer

Sandy Coomer

Sandy Coomer is a poet, artist, Ironman athlete, and social entrepreneur from Nashville, TN. Her poetry has been published in numerous journals and she is the author of three poetry chapbooks and a full-length collection, Available Light (Iris Press). She is a multiple Pushcart Prize and Best of the Net nominee and her poem, “Calligraphy” was a 2019 Best of the Net finalist. Sandy is a poetry mentor in the AWP Writer to Writer Mentorship Program and the founding editor of the online poetry journal Rockvale Review. She is the founder and director of Rockvale Writers’ Colony in College Grove, TN. Her favorite word is “believe.” The following poem appears in Coomer’s, Rivers Within Us – Unsolicited Press, 2017.


Let this be a poem
in which no one thinks about death –
no starving children,
explosives in back-packs,
crimes plotted at dawn.
Let’s think instead
about the moon streaming gold
against a singular snow,
little chirps the sparrows give
on their way to gather thistle seeds,
the acrobatic delight of falling leaves.

And let this be a poem
in which no one thinks about love –
no one drowns
in the pools of jeweled eyes
or drinks promises from a lover’s mouth.
Let’s think about different passions –
running across meadows full of poppies,
the cold smooth surfaces of river stones.
Let’s think about the red roof of a barn,
how the sun burnishes the tin.
Let’s think about the first breath
we took this morning on our way
to brush our teeth, how jeans
feel on our thighs, how we love rituals.
But no, not love.
We weren’t going to talk about that.

Let’s just sit here and think about nothing
and let the clutter of our mind dissipate
in the stillness, and for one slow moment
be aware of our skin – how it contains us,
how the brush of a feather’s thinnest fringe
can make us shiver.

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