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Landen Parkin

LandenLanden Parkin is a Minnesotan who is just trying to survive the winters. He studied Film and English at Minnesota State University, Mankato as well as St. Cloud State University and been published in Eclectica Magazine and various other sources. Parkin currently resides in the Twin Cities where he loves to occupy himself with writing and spending time with his sweet dog, Zoey.

There are Dogs in the Vineyard

From the balcony I can see them coming, carnal seeds of wrath
Hurling themselves forward, charging with unhinged glee

I can hear their howling, black dots breaking the olive expanse
Wild dogs; Crimson eyes scanning the murky terrain,

Lashing out at their surroundings, safety trampled underfoot
Hackles raised, painting the dusty fog with violence

Sharp forms filling the narrow passages while grape bulbs quake
Hot breath misting autumn air, they rip ripe vines from trellis base

Hellish mongrels; writhing in the floodwaters of fresh rot
A storm of failing viciousness, they punish the landscape for existing

Waiting for the vile storm to pass, so these wretched forms can recede
The scarred earth scorned, ripped, torn, and splintered by wild greed
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