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Christopher Bailey

Christopher Bailey

Christopher Bailey is an English major at Ohio University-Southern with aspirations to become a college professor. He is currently working on two poetry books titled Sex in the Dark and Death is for Lovers. He will be joining the Peace Corps following his undergraduate career. In his leisure time you can find him with a nice cigar, a glass of wine, and around his friends. He is inspired by contemporary poets such as Neil Hilborn, Rudy Francisco, and Phil Kaye.


Bleeds its soul from the smoke
Of the Appalachian valleys
Deep in the hills and mountains
Where the townsfolk sing hymns
And recite generational tales

All the way to the inner city haste
Of cynical suburbia and the only
Colors that matter to the hustling
Dream-walkers are scarlet and grey.

Hopes rest in lakes which flow
Into the river streams lined
By riverbeds where dreams soak
Into the muddy pillows where heads
Of the homeless reside along
Floodwalls with murals painted
By labored hands.

Streets lined with needles
That escaped the haystacks
And found their new hideaways
In the intravenous passages
Of innocent mothers and fathers
That find perfect rest in SUV’s
Along highways with children
Having to become adults too soon,
Having to become what they are
And not what they want to be.

There’s a beauty in the tragedy
That fills the air with anti-gravity
Tears as the perfumes and colognes
Disguise the scent of sadness
Into a happiness that only a sherbert
Color sky can create.

The Bible belt is strapped too tight
And the waists of the well-fed
Evangelists are still healthier
Than the hungry drunkard
That drinks their life in sips
And moments of profound despair.

A beautiful disaster.
A beautiful disaster.


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