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Thomas Reed Willemain


Thomas Reed Willemain is Professor Emeritus of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and Co-founder and Sr VP/Research for Smart Software, Inc. He is author of memoir Working on the Dark Side of the Moon: Life Inside the National Security Agency (Mill City Press, 2017).

Morning Streets

At six
the deer and the owls,
the skunks and the cats are gone,
leaving the streets to the hardest
of the hard core humans,
who hustle when they see they
once did this circuit one minute faster.

Streets wet with dew.

At seven
the dog people share the streets
with the rattling trucks of the trash company
and squeaking school buses.

Full sun on the dew.

At eight
The paper pushers zoom away
adding speed to the day,
leaving the neighborhood with an
emptied-out feeling as if
all the houses had just finished a sprint.

Exhaust and blue jays in the air.

At nine
The lame, the old, and the idle
take their turn.
They don’t rule the streets.
They share them
with small breezes.

The faintest exhilaration in the air.


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