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Ray Ball


Ray Ball, Ph.D., is a history professor at the University of Alaska Anchorage. When not in the classroom or the archives, she enjoys running marathons and spending time with her spouse Mark and beagle Bailey. She is the author of two history books and her creative work has recently appeared in Breadcrumbs Mag, Cirque, L’Éphémère Review, and The Cabinet of Heed. She tweets @ProfessorBall 


The silver orb
on the water.
A frog breaks the surface, legs propelling
sending a thousand ripples up
and out – an infinity
of intersecting
circles. Here,
there is no bridge.
No bridge at all.
Only the frogs, the fish,
the owl, the dragonfly.
Only the night
in the scrying surface
of the water.
It does not yet foretell
the age of princes, of man.
The bridge makers, the evangelists,
the shipbuilders, the conquistadors, the industrialists
are still sleeping
the death of the
while the amphibian
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