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Kieran Egan

KiernanKieran Egan lives in Vancouver. He was shortlisted for the Times Literary Supplement (UK) Mick Imlah prize in 2017, and his poems have appeared or are forthcoming in the Canadian magazines Quills, Literary Review of Canada, Dalhousie Review, Qwerty, Antigonish Review, Canadian Quarterly, and, in the US in Tenth Muse, Foxglove Journal, Snapdragon, Shot Glass, Raintown Review, and in the UK in High Window, Orbis, Envoi, Acumen, HQ Poetry Magazine, Interpreter’s House, Dream Catcher, Dawntreader, and Times Literary Supplement on-line.

Full moon

Above the broken house, a too-large moon
rises over its dozen watchful rooms.
A dog plod-footing up the hill,
of the road on which the soldiers came,
the one the old man takes to fishing,
precarious on his bike with rods and tackle.
The click of a bicycle changing gear
so like the soldiers releasing
the safety catches of their guns.
The moon above the broken house
revealed one dog, one fisherman
caught in the crossfire.
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