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Kirk Judd

Kirk Judd, founding member of West Virginia Writers, Inc., has lived, worked, trout fished and wandered around in West Virginia all his life. Kirk was a member of the Appalachian Literary League, a former president of West Virginia Writers, Inc., and is a founding member of and creative writing instructor for Allegheny Echoes, Inc., dedicated to the support and preservation of WV cultural heritage arts. Author of 3 collections of poetry Field of Vision, 1986, Tao-Billy, 1996, and My People Was Music, 2014 (re-issued by Sheila-Na-Gig Editions, 2022), and a co-editor of the widely acclaimed anthology, Wild, Sweet Notes – 50 Years of West Virginia Poetry 1950 – 1999, he is widely published.

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begins the slow long lean into light

little separation between

leaving and arriving

going from, coming to

short recalls long reflects short

cold evokes warm expects cold

we draw in

know this

curve of season



the only now

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