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Gary Beaumier

gary's poemsI have a degree in English Literature from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. I have been a finalist for the Luminaire Award as well as the Joy Bale Boone Award. My chapbook From My Family to Yours (which contains the following poem) appears from Finishing Line Press. My poem “The Rio Grande” was nominated for the “Best of the Net” award and I won first prize for Streetlight Magazine for my poem “Night Train to Paris.” I was recently a finalist for the New Millenium Writings for my poem “From Certain Distances in Space I Still See My Brother”.

Night Forest

Once there was a woman in the night forest
who could hear above the register of most.
She would listen to mice sing in chorus
or coyotes comfort their young
over the flash and rumble of coming weather.

There was the night when I stayed in the garden
late into the hours and you called for me
and together we watched the gods
toss stars across the sky and later
we returned to our bed and I watched you
over the vastness of our pillows
as your breathing fell into a rhythm
and you separated from me.

Have your dreams returned you to a wooded place,
dusted in moonlight, where you keen your ears
to other selves, selves beyond the register of my knowing?
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