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Shei Sanchez is a creator of poetry, prose, and artistic photographs. She has exhibited her photography in Athens and Chesterhill, Ohio as well as Brattleboro, Vermont. While living in Thailand, she was a writer for two expat magazines in Bangkok. Currently, she is a contributor to Harness Magazine. She has read her poetry at Athens Voices: Spoken and Heard. One of her poems will be published in an anthology called Essentially Athens (forthcoming 2019). Her poetry and photographs will be co-exhibited in Athens next spring.

Weary in Mumbai

I hear an urban echo of an earlier time:
when avenues and boulevards stretched
until they kissed the water.
when unassuming placards on sturdy,
stone facades whispered
street names with no pride.
when heat upon metal vented
a harsh, uninviting waft
of canned fish left to rot.
when splatters of alabaster white scat
on car roofs and asphalt lanes warned
passers-by and casual strollers
of a pigeon nest above.
when taxis tarried and carried
the privileged, the lucky, the diligent.
when pavement glistened with
a wish for a prosperous future
and a renowned past.
This echo tells me
it’s nothing more than
a sonic peep in
a cavernous memory.
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