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Andrew Lafleche


Andrew Lafleche is an award-winning poet and author of seven books. His work uses a spoken style of language to blend social criticism, philosophical reflection, explicit language, and black comedy. Andrew enlisted in the Army in 2007 and received an honorable discharge in 2014. Please visit or follow @AndrewLafleche on Twitter for more information.

people unravel

one drink at a time
one conversation
one look

thread from a sweater
caught on a nail
feel the tug
and pull

or just don’t oppose

walk until something happens
keeps happening
pretend you haven’t learned
one foot in front of the other…

people come apart


simple as a blown tire
before the next paycheck

a leather shoe lace
leaving the lawyer’s

like a sugar cube in black coffee

before sugar came in pink packets
before last call was midnight
before worrying about last call
as a thing

fall off. give way. start.
only to resist beginning again
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