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Millie Tullis

Millie Tullis

Millie Tullis is a poet and writer living in northern Utah. In 2015 she won the Sandy River Review’s Undergraduate Poetry Prize and in 2016 she won the Elizabeth R. Curry Poetry Contest. Most recently, her poems have been published in Noble / Gas Qtrly. She is a recent graduate of Utah State University and can be reached at

The House

the house stinks
with me

now that it is too late
the house says that

I have shared
too much, it does not love me

anymore & I agree
not because I hope

being agreeable will change
its feelings

(I do not think
in future tense)

but simply because
when it is quiet in here

our jaws unglue
our mouths thin—

unmoving on the couch
we soak ourselves

in the thick blue smell
the heavy hate

we carried
on such a pretty leash

— here next to our bright hip
during the day

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