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Juanita Cox

Juania CoxJuanita Cox is an emerging writer from Boston, MA. Her first poem was published in Better Than Starbucks. She is a poet, short story writer, essayist, and all around creative writer. When not writing she loves to get lost in books, cuddle with her cat, and can be found making the perfect cup of coffee in her part time job as a barista. You can follow her writing on Twitter @itaconher and her blog:

Feasting on Nature

I want you to see everything
that I can see in this world:
the glowing swirls of light, and
the dim shimmer of the dawn.
The dazzling symphonic dance
of pink and yellow and purple
tasting the sky with my eyes
that are never quite satisfied,
as the sun lays down to rest.
Until it is so dark so limitless,
I am reminded of that darkness
that enveloped me the very first time
I went out into the woods at 12
and the only thing I could see was

I never knew the night sky
could be that intensely black,
but eventually the sun rises
and stretches her golden arms
across the expanse of the sky–
and all you can see is

Blue dappled by white puffy clouds
like marshmallows, cotton candy, and whipped cream
all melded together into a
strange and beautiful confection
that fills you in a way that no real food can.

And the deep warmth of the sun
hits you to the depths of your bones,
and caresses the top of your skin
till it browns like warm sticky caramel
filling every crevice of your luminescent teeth.
It is summer days and summer nights
in all their wild glory
and all I want to do is drink it in
until I’m drowning in the wonder of it all.

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