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Yael Veitz

Yael Veitz is a New York-based poet and professional empath. Her works, which have appeared in The Ogilvie and The Showbear Family Circus, reflect her geographically-diverse background, her work in mental health, and, occasionally, her love for her cats.

Little Thing

Little thing,
shake the stench of death in the air
rattle your lungs with one strong cry
that reverberates through a house too full of silence.
Turn red as ever flesh was,
and by your presence rosy the walls’ white paint, dingy with age.

Bring with you varicolored fleeces
cotton-stuffed beasts
fairy chatter.

The grandparents will coo like old birds,
and say that they are full of love—that it was love they always wanted
but they’ll miss the gift of flight you give
the lesson in astonishment
at seeing rainbows in oily water.

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