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Kristina Heflin

Kristina HeflinKristina Heflin is an Arizona State University graduate, based in Northern Alabama. She has served on the editorial board of the literary journal Flumes and was Activities Coordinator for the Yuba College Literary Arts Club. She has been published in the literary journals Flumes, Canyon Voices, and Diverse Minds, the websites 2Elizabeths and the write launch, as well as the anthology The Beckoning. Future publications include Fearsome Critters, the Same, and Duck Lake Journal. When she’s not writing, she enjoys horseback riding and Marvel comics.

Sister Cass

Stood up
to the boss man
forced to walk
these streets
barefoot and pregnant
shouting to crowds
gathered or
people passing by

“the end is near
take refuge
all you sorry
souls who know
what’s good for you”

it’s the same
in every town
a flash of terror
destruction reflected
in her eyes
their mouths open
wide and laughing
gators before the feed

too busy snapping
at each other
too busy spewing
hate to take notice
of a dark-skinned

prophetess who is
never wrong
they laugh
even as the flood
waters rise
and fill their
mouths with
muddy water

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