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Teresa Chappell

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Teresa T. Chappell is a poet passionate about tethering the unseen onto the material. Her work has been published by Coffin Bell Journal and Indie Blu(e) Publishing. Besides writing, her hobbies include: reading, eating, and swimming in the Long Island Sound.

Shower Cry

Layers of Grief leak
out of me like tangled
ribbons dripping out of every pore.

Grief’s pointed ash finger climbs
out of my mouth
and leaves my naked
body gasping.

His eyes bulge out
of my nostrils, his whispers hiss
from my ears. Strings
of thick black hair
pour out from my eyes,

like blood being drained
down a porcelain sink.

Grief slits open the soft
flesh of my stomach,
cracks the bones in my chest
and pries apart my ribcage.
He crawls out fully formed

leaving the broken shell
on the wet floor.
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