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Sarah Richter

Sarah RichterSarah Richter is an East Coast-based writer, certified yoga teacher, and artist. When she’s not writing or painting, Sarah loves to hike with friends, bake oatmeal cookies, and read classics, YA fantasy, and pop nonfiction. You can find her art on Instagram at @sgrichterart and her portfolio on

Sundowner Town

empty church strikes October’s sky
pungent old wood, lacquered white paint
the taste of earl grey passing by
retrace steps of worshippers below
those friends of worms, soil seeping in
the narrow chute of mind’s observations

foreigner in fields of gold
undisturbed, the shallow pits wake
the rows point toward one indistinct place
and my head is inclined to follow
in fog and rain, a steady flow
marks the season’s change

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