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Alex Huynh

Alex Huynh

Dr. Alex Van Huynh is a teacher and scholar living in Allentown, Pennsylvania. He received his bachelor’s degree from Moravian College and his Ph.D. in Biology from Lehigh University. A chemical ecologist and evolutionary biologist by training, Alex has studied many plant and animal species around the world. In addition to his scientific research, his other academic interests include the poetry and writings of W.B. Yeats, Aldous Huxley, James Joyce, and the poetic mysticism of Robert Graves. He is currently a new assistant professor of biology at DeSales University.


Ruby-Throated Hummingbird

There is but one flitting thing,
An iridescence
In boundless jeweled points each giving
Its own far facet a structure – sense
To the opalescent forms –
The small finery
Of its machinations moves and storms,
Thundering in silver enginery
He is unable to hold,
Flicking, flickering, and fussing
Only its consequences
Across his view, like a baby
Sees past its hanging mobile
The ruby-throated hummingbird
Roaring through the nursery
And out before its name is said.

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