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Cynthia Anderson


by Cynthia Anderson

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Cynthia Anderson has published a dozen poetry collections, including Full Circle (Cholla Needles Arts & Literary Library, 2022) and The Missing Peace (Velvet Dusk Publishing, 2021). Her poems frequently appear in journals and anthologies, and her work has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize and Best of the Net. Cynthia is co-editor of the anthology A Bird Black As the Sun: California Poets on Crows & Ravens. She has lived in California for over 40 years.

ABOUT THE BOOK: Grounded in a deep love of Earth and all its creatures, Arrival gathers Cynthia Anderson’s lyrical poetry of place into a satisfying volume. Her closely observed experiences of oceans, forests, and deserts reach the transcendent level of myth. Imaginary landscapes are here also, evoking a mysticism that travels backwards and forwards in time. The poet’s words sing off the page, inviting readers to take refuge in a realm where grief and loss are acknowledged, but where beauty prevails.


Arrival celebrates the never-ending journey of discovery that is a life lived with senses alert, heart and mind wide open. It begins with walking––“I put my faith in my feet.” With each step, the world unfurls like a story. Nature turns the pages and says all that needs to be heard. Anderson is attuned to the subtle frequencies she has long listened to. Through her poetry, they sound crisp and crystalline. Her verses seamlessly translate leaf and stone, tree and bird, reptile and distance, time. . . what blooms, what withers and ends, and what each sunrise resurrects.  ––Toti O’Brien, author of Pages of a Broken Diary and Alter Alter

In the opening poem of Cynthia Anderson’s enticing new collection, Arrival, the poet states, “What I love more than anything / is the face of the world / turning toward me.” In poem after poem she describes, in clear and precise language, the beings she encounters and imagines, from blue beetles and sequoias to a male selkie and a stone-whispering Neolithic girl. In the title poem which concludes the volume she states, “this is what // we came for / the light riding / higher // lengthening / shadows / behind us.” The beautiful poems in Arrival celebrate the world and our own temporary presences within it.  ––Penelope Moffet, author of Cauldron of Hisses and It Isn’t That They Mean to Kill You

In these spare, quiet poems, Cynthia Anderson paints a lyric landscape rooted in textured, sensory images. With the seasoned voice of a poet who has always “understood / something about a wanderer / with a bundle,” Anderson walks the reader through her keenly observed environment. She also maps a personal interior landscape. Through this essential collection, the poet speaks to us in a voice as natural as the paths her poems travel.  ––Barbara Sabol, author of CONNECTIONS: core & all, haiku and senryu

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