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Michael Minassian

MICHAEL MINASSIAN’s poems and short stories have appeared recently in such journals as, Live Encounters, Lotus Eater, and Chiron Review. He is also a Contributing Editor for Verse-Virtual, an online magazine. His chapbooks include poetry: The Arboriculturist and photography: Around the Bend. His poetry collections, Time is Not a River and Morning Calm are both available on Amazon. For more information:


My childhood friend Eddie
called the other day,
It’s your turn, he said,
then hung up.

It took me a while
to figure out
what he meant.

When we were kids,
we dug a hole in the space
under his front porch
and buried his father’s
chess set, some marbles
and a dead goldfish—

The week before,
his father had walked out,
vowing never to return.

Eddie stopped
feeding the goldfish,
and smashed the marbles
with a hammer.

When his mother saw us
under their front porch,
she asked what we were doing.

Digging a hole to China,
Eddie replied.

She nodded her head,
be careful, she barked,
then went back in the house
to have another drink.

A few years later, Eddie and I
had an argument over a girl,
and he punched me.

I just looked at him
and walked away;
we never spoke again.

I guess that’s what
he was talking about
when he called
all those years later.

At some point,
time stands still,
circles around,
and catches us
at the back door.
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