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Call for Submissions: An Ekphrastic Response to Pandemic Evolution: Vol. 1, Days 1-100 by Matthew Wolfe


Sheila-Na-Gig Editions is excited to collaborate with West Virginia writer and artist Matthew Wolfe in inviting ekphrastic responses to 100 individual photos in Pandemic Evolution: Vol. 1, Days 1-100 View the entire collection on Flickr at:

Selected responses will be published with Wolfe’s photos in a future anthology by Sheila-Na-Gig Editions. Contributors will receive one copy of the book upon publication.

Pandemic Evolution: Album description

Image may contain: Matthew Wolfe, beard and eyeglassesOn March 11, 2020, The World Health Organization officially announced the beginning of the Coronavirus Pandemic. “Pandemic Evolution” is, therefore, a series of daily photographs to mark my time as this global crisis progresses. For a bi-polar artist with Parkinson’s Disease and PTSD, this project is about counting the days for myself, marking time, and recording my moods and thoughts.  The styles of art that I count as major influences include surrealism, minimalism, and assemblage. Items used for these pieces are objects I have collected over the years, because I thought they were interesting or they had sentimental value. I also inherited a great many of them from my parents who grew up during the Great Depression and believed in saving everything, for its potential reuse. – Matthew Wolfe

DEADLINE: Submit up to three poems via Submittable by September 18, 2020.  Be sure to include the Day # for the photo you are responding to, so we know which responses go with which photo.

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