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Ben Macnair

Ben Macnair was born in 1976 and currently lives in Staffordshire, in the United Kingdom. He is a widely published, award-winning poet and playwright, with three produced plays to his name. He works in the Arts. Follow him on Twitter @ benmacnair

Every day is like Sunday

The neighbours are cleaning their cars,
the third time this week.
They will never shine like this again.
The neighbours are cutting their Lawns,
playing a symphony with the notes
produced by their mowers.
The Church Bells are still.

We have the same rituals, daily.
Read the papers.
Watch the news.
Listen to experts,
and people on Facebook, and Twitter,
spouting their incendiary views.

We take the government sanctioned walk.
That brief respite from the house
Is a sanctuary.
We start conversations with former
Nodding acquaintances,
And look forward to things going
Back to a normal
That will never really be.
Someone somewhere is playing Itchycoo Park.
No-one is playing Morrissey.

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