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Linda MacKenzie Golden

Linda MacKenzie Golden is a writer of poetry and mother to 5 children, 2 bonus and 3 biological. She has a bachelor’s degree in human services and cares deeply about social justice. Her poetry is drawn from both life experience and humanitarian concerns.  Linda lives in rural New Hampshire with her family where, in addition to poetry, she enjoys gardening, hiking and embarking on homeschooling adventures with her 3 youngest children.

Mrs. Hornet Hands Out the Coloring Sheets

(for my kindergarten friend Michelle)

When it was time, each of us in rows
concentrated on coloring inside the lines
except for you. You colored
the same spot over and over, never moving
your crayon to a clear space–even as the Hornet
darted to your desk, hovered over you,
threatened with her venomous sting.

Her wrath. Your stoic face. Taking the crayon
from your small hand, her blonde curls
springing about uncontrollably, THIS, she screeched,
this is how you color! When she returned the crayon
to you, you resumed darkening your mark,
only willing to take up the slightest space:
a tiny dot on a vast page.
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