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Summer 2018 Contest Winner: Stephen Black

SBlackContestWinnerStephen Black’s work has appeared in publications such as About Place, The Hopper, and Wilderness House. His writing explores the bio-regional history of West Tennessee and the tensions and relationships between people and the landscapes they inhabit. He teaches yoga and writing in Memphis and whenever possible walks in the woods with his coonhound, named Henry D., of course.

Mostly Water

55 to 60%
to be almost exact

body planet

First floating inside our mothers

No matter what else we are
we are mostly water
endlessly murmurating

cloud rain stream river ocean vapor cloud

On a bank beside the river
the best thoughts are river thoughts

Like this:
shrews locusts eagles earthworms lions
even rocks swallow rain

And this:
We seek
something hard
to engrave ourselves upon

houses forests stones


Nothing remains
after us
but the water
we once held

that once held us

Like the bird sufficient
with its one unfurling song
the river sings only this

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