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Sarah Diamond Burroway/Jelly Bucket

SarahSarah Diamond Burroway is a Kentucky writer and theatre artist. Her creative nonfiction and poetry have been published in Still: The Journal, The Bitter Southerner and The Worcester Journal. Sarah’s writing has been featured in the Women of Appalachia Project’s “Women Speak” (2014-2018) and has been included in the project’s anthologies. Her plays and monologues have been produced in New York, California, West Virginia, Ohio and Kentucky. Sarah is director co-founder of Actors for Children Theatre and is Vice President of the Kentucky Theatre Association. Sarah works as Director of External Relations for Ohio University Southern. She is pursuing her Master of Fine Art in Writing at Eastern Kentucky University’s Bluegrass Writers Studio where she serves on the editorial staff of Jelly Bucket literary journal.


A pot of Shasta daisies appears inside the gate.
A gift, because I love flowers. Because the corner was empty.
Because he thinks it will fix things.

Shaggy white fingers splay from green stems,
pale and needy in the shade of a tired maple’s gnarled limbs.
Sagging and burdened by dying leaves.

Petals curve like question marks,
fall to rest on the neglected lawn, silent. Promises broken.
Apologies forgotten in shadows of untruth.

Shattered trust’s tiny pieces can never be put back.
A hundred hurts unhealed. A hundred lies
cast against the doubts clouding my heart.

What is buried beneath, entwined and tangled?
Why am I constricted, choked by dry soil?
Will weeds kill the light that daisies need to grow?

Jelly Bucket

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