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Natalie Steenbergh


I am a recent graduate with a degree in English at Wayne State University. At my University, I served as the Assistant Editor for the Wayne Literary Review. I will be continuing my higher education by attending graduate school at Eastern Michigan University, pursuing an MA in literature. My poetry is inspired by my home state of Michigan, my travels, and the coffee shops I patron.

Coffee Shop Anonymous


She stared at the coffee orbs on the table’s surface
Remembering the morning dose of hot liquid.
The circular lines criss and cross
From where each sip was followed by a laugh,
Forcing the mug to be set back down.
The length of their conversation was
Represented by the intersecting circumferences.
Their hearts poured out into those lines,
Creating a depth, branded into the table.
“Friends, maybe? Lovers, perhaps?”
She wondered, as she wiped the table clean.
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