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Matthew James Friday


Matthew James Friday has had poems published in numerous international magazines and journals, including, recently: The Brasilia Review (Brazil), Dawntreader (UK), Ginosko (USA), New Contrast (South Africa) and Poetry Salzburg (Austria). A mini-chapbook titled All the Ways to Love was published by the Origami Poems Project (USA).

The Kestrel

She appears born of the Elbe,
river wings, eyes curled on
currents, commented on by
elderly castles, vineyards.

Ignoring cyclists and walkers,
she bobs up to the height
of her performance, then fans
the air, wafting amazement

out of molecules, a quantum
flyer she is in two places at once
Eyes scanning for an edible
audience, she applauds herself

with light-speed appreciative
beats, so even the lofty eagles
and speeding show-off falcons
have to nod beaks, cup claws.
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