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Katherine Kroener


Katherine Kroener meanders through life like a leaf drifting down stream, searching for light while respecting darkness, time, and the dignity of silence. She lives with her husband and a fat black cat named “The Splendid Dark Beauty.” Kathy finds inspiration in nature and the strange quirks and mysteries of life.


She wanders about her life,
a daughter of discord.
Widdershins in everything.
So don’t follow her unless
you wish to find yourself lost.
She could lead you as far as
that place the gray sea knows,
her grayer stone house in woods.
She might even lure you down
to the edge of that forbidden line,
where the darkness touches light
and the twisted root has voice.
A black raven one that she keeps
will croak and rasp in your ear,
to provide you with song in the night.
Her crystals can dazzle your eyes
so you never will find your way home.
Too, she’s apt to weave viney things
into the tangles of your silver hair,
as she whispers to you her secrets
of love and loneliness and loss.
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