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Joseph Shields/Nerve Cowboy Magazine

cowboy.jpgJoseph Shields lives in Austin, Texas and has been publishing Nerve Cowboy Magazine for 22 years. He plays bass in a band called the Counterfactual.

She Knows Me Well

We agreed to go on some
meatless, vegetarian,
no alcohol,
Draconian, dietary regime
and I had every intention
of sticking to it
but inevitably
like most things
I fell off the wagon
and had lunch at Ruby’s BBQ
with some co-workers.

I had the 4-meat plate
with as many sides
as they would give me.
I ate it all – every damn piece
of sausage, brisket, chicken,
and prime rib. It was the best.

The minute I walked
through the door
my wife jumped off the couch,
laughed and screamd
“You sonofabitch, I know it.
I know you’ve been out
eating somewhere. You got
that goddamn
sausage sandwich

Nerve Cowboy Magazine

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