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Jack D. Harvey


Jack D. Harvey’s poetry has appeared in Scrivener, The Comstock Review, The Antioch Review, Bay Area Poets’ Coalition, The University of Texas Review, The Beloit Poetry Journal and a number of other on-line and in print poetry magazines over the years.


Loneliness is like an old hotel
you can’t get out of,
like an old buddy
you can’t shake off.

Loneliness is a weight to carry;
in Dante’s hell none heavier.
Knows your weak points,
comes softly, sharp as
a catch in the heart
when you wake up suddenly.

It’s the old man in the
home for the aged
who shuffles and dribbles
his way down corridors
leading nowhere.

Loneliness is in big cities
when you walk the block;
in the country
when the cows come home
and in the farmhouse one light
burns in a window.

Pull up a chair for her;
she’ll kill you with cold
for she is cold as blue-white
Vega in the icy winter sky;
die you will in her embrace
like a child
lost for good
in the trackless winter snow.

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