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Dan Sicoli lives between Lakes Erie and Ontario where he is a co-editor with Slipstream Magazine and Press. Pudding House Publications released two of his chapbooks, the allegories and Pagan Supper. Other poems have appeared in Your One Phone Call, Angry Old Man, Aji, Nerve Cowboy, EXPERIMEMENTOS, Ramingo’s Porch, Rat’s Ass Review, Chiron Review, Dressing Room Poetry Journal and numerous litmags and anthologies. In late summer, he oven-dries his own garden tomatoes.

these women

these women called daughters
these threads between of no visible length
a face rumored to echo

these women these daughters
one, a shooting star
the other, a vapor trail
like oil of the epidermis
like fluid of aorta

these women these born daughters
will not be explained
by hourglass
or looking glass
or magnifying glass

or sea glass
or stained glass
or blown glass
but by the startled scattering
shards of a hurled bottle

these women daughters
these winged birds
with missile hearts

they are especially about
the lightning
tendered by a sky’s parade

Slipstream Magazine and Press

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