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Jennifer Lothrigel

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Jennifer Lothrigel is a poet and artist residing in the San Francisco Bay area. She has just published her first chapbook through Liquid Light Press, titled Pneuma. Her work has also been published in The Bitter Oleander, Poetry Quarterly, The Haight Ashbury Journal, Cicatrix Publishing, NILVX and elsewhere.

The Day I Knew I would Have No More Children

Perhaps it was there to settle my soul’s debts
the dark feather,
having drifted left and right
like an unsure pendulum
before resting on my path.
I brought it home and placed it on my altar.

There was a dark omen on the sidewalk
and there were cells not mine,
breathing in my womb.

There was a deep longing to share my body
like a river,
like a river offering both floating
and sinking.

My journey waned darker than ever before
but the Spring landscape was fertile with new seeds.
I was the Dark Goddess denying the sunrise,
denying the seeds.
Or was I the sun rising anyway,
or was I the majestic purple mountain
seducing the light.
Or was I the light?


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