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Andy Betz

AndyBetz01242018With degrees in Physics and Chemistry, Andy Betz has tutored and taught in excess of 30 years. His novel (The Lady in Red Quilt), his short stories (The Copy, November, My Bucket List, My Color), and his poems (Lonely, Long Enough for Chocolate) are works still defining his style. He lives in 1974, is married for 25 years, collects occupations (the current tally is 95) and currently teaches high school physics.


I told her, soon
I always say, soon
And I rarely mean it

If soon was a calendar date
You would find it between
Later and in-a-minute

I will mow the lawn
And fix the faucet
On the 5th of soon

I will schedule that interview
For that great job
Real soon

A home purchase is too soon
Vacations will come pretty soon
I’ll think about a family, soon enough

I may even think
About our future
Sooner or later

But, I will tell you all of this
For your note says,
You will return, soon

When I Was Ten

Television had three channels
Actors had talent
Skynard was on the radio
But baseball was on my mind

I had a bedtime,
and wash-behind-the ears inspections

I had an Opie haircut,
and a brother-shared bedroom

I also had clean sheets,
a grassy yard,
and three square meals a day

I was too young to work,
too young to worry,
too young to be held responsible

I had a bicycle,
a dream,
and all the time in the world

I could go anywhere,
and I did,
when I was ten

I Watched the Ocean

I watched the Ocean
And it watched me in return
I know its offers

Consistently close
A fresh salt spray for my health
Pathway for escape

I watched the Ocean
And it watched me in return
I now know its wants

To be awed always
To be used and not abused

That’s less than I ask
From those that I encounter
Less than I receive

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