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Peter Leight

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Peter Leight has published poems in Paris Review, AGNI, FIELD, Beloit Poetry Review, Raritan, Matter, and other magazines.

The Other Day We Were Standing Around in the Wings

waiting to take our seats in the back where we sit when we’re not in the front and on the side when we’re not in the middle, trying to feel friendly, applauding on occasion, flapping our hands like rudimentary wings, not even noticing the faith or creed of those around us, which is often weakly opportunistic, not even thinking about the race or ethnicity that reflects the geographical origins of their ancestors, waiting for them to come from where they are, which is always interesting when it happens, not even concerning ourselves with the gender identity that often determines how people feel or how they think about the feelings opening up in them like wings, much less the sexual orientation, which is also related to love because our feelings about ourselves are so closely tied to our feelings about each other the way a wing touches the air on both sides.

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