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Lachlan Brooks


Lachlan Brooks is a New York City based writer and actor and recent graduate of New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts with a B.F.A. in drama and a minor in linguistics, having studied in New York and at The Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London. Her poetry has been published several times in the Chronogram arts magazine of the Hudson Valley, NY. As an actor, she has appeared in over a dozen Shakespeare plays in roles ranging from Hamlet and Kate in The Taming of the Shrew. She appeared as Willy Loman in an all-female production of Death of a Salesman in April of 2017. In May of 2017, she completed a thesis on Renaissance skepticism in the writings of Shakespeare and Michel de Montaigne and received NYU Tisch’s honors ‘Artist and Scholar Award’. 

God Moves In

Mysterious ways; mystery man, manly macho man,
mimicry man and mime and moaning, drowning man,
and flood man, mimetic man, mountains and molehills man,
a man for all seasons, ice man, man made, motionless man;
God moves in, because he burst his seams, muddy man,
a man of action, man of many faces, faceless man,
facetious man, man of myth and motion, man of thorns,
man of cuckoldry and bestiality, man of horns,
of sea and seasickness and sickly complexions;
The god complex: god is complex, and it turns out
(mysterious ways) god moves in next door
and he’s a difficult neighbor-man, man-made man,
moot man, old-fashioned out-of-date and out of print man,
man of loose morals, immoral man, morality man and
monetary man, useless man, man with no hands man,
washed up man, rules and regulations and demands man,
sin and mercy man, man in a box, cardboard cut-out man,
permission man and attrition man, running out of ideas man,
gout and grout and grumbling man, cardboard man,
get-into-a-box man, easily boxed up, retractable man,
packable man, past his sell-by date man, token man,
moving in next door, little patched-up broken man,
man of letters, man of chance, the drop of a dime man,
stuck in the past man, knows-he’s-past-his-prime man;
gods move in every day, man, men and mirthlessness,
mundane neighbors, now, men of god and godlessness;
leave me be, gods, odds are and odds are not, gods,
and if you let me be, you gods or men next door, odds
are that I’ll let you be, be you gods or men or frauds.

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