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Susan Richardson


Susan Richardson is living, writing and going blind in Hollywood. In addition to poetry and creative non -fiction, she also writes a blog called “Stories from the Edge of Blindness”. Her work has been published in Free Lunch, The Old Red Kimono, Stepping Stones Magazine, Wildflower Muse, The Furious Gazelle, and The  Hungry Chimera.


The rain interferes with my strife
on noisy nights like these.
Your unraveling language saturates my senses,
sweet crimson and danger,
revealing just a little too much.

I remember we were going to write about the rain,
but its promise sat veiled,
pushed aside by your addictions and my inadequacies.

You fell from reality like a drop of water,
tumbling from branch to leaf to earth.
I watched you plummet in silence
and run into the embrace of a barbiturate fog.

You forgot our friendship,
our shared love of language and
evenings of discovering new writers.
The poems you left behind are those
I hide away in a hopeless longing for your return.

I miss the painful lilt of your voice,
but I will always remember you,
bold and enchanting under the falling rain.

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