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Robert Beveridge


Robert Beveridge makes noise ( and writes poetry just outside Cleveland, OH. Recent/upcoming appearances in Survision, Loud Zoo, and Ghostlight, among others.

I Find Another Woman in the Forest

for Antonin Artaud

Poet of the black
your tides wax and wane
wax and wane with the cycles
of the moon
and you thought no one loved you

Poet of the body
embrace castigate rot from the inside out
lungs and bowels black as humus
blackness spreads
spreads like water
as the moon nears the earth
and you thought you’d stay in chains forever

Poet of the festival
you celebrate and abhor
your own flesh’s imprisonment
love unrequited
love survives eating
its own bruised excrement
bruises blacken
blacken as the moon
nears the earth
fades into the ocean’s horizon
and you thought no one would carry on your name

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