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Renee Butner

butner.jpgRenee Butner is a freelance writer and poet who lives in Winston-Salem, NC. She enjoys actively exercising her creative side by both writing and painting. She has been published in the College Poetry Review, Belle Reve Literary Journal, Poetry in Plain Sight, Sheila-Na-Gig and is a member of the NC Haiku Society. She keeps busy working two jobs, training a new puppy, playing with her two grandsons, and eagerly awaiting the birth of an additional grandchild.

purple ebony shadows

crazy is as crazy does not to make light
of mental illness that is not me just a touch
firecracker now and then the darkness lurks
behind brilliant flares of colored light crow
follows me home creepy black omen I
knock wood chase him away black feather
flutters down I hold it as a talisman
perhaps the satin purple-ebony could help
me to fly as in my dreams or when I
leaped from benches as a child I flew
for long moments I swear I’ve got the
magic in me always know when positivity
approaches around the bend for my children
when wicked will visit me thoughts touch on my
girls they call my brush strokes on canvas
become splendid my keystrokes on paper
speak to others even with purple shadows
in all corners of my essence I was
able to soar once and again

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