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Nydia Rojas

NydiaNydia Rojas’ work has been published, among many other literary magazines, in the Wisconsin Academy Review, International Poetry Review, Revista/ Review Interamericana, Palabra and in the anthology Between the Heart and the Land: Latina Poets in the Midwest. Most recently her work was published in Open Mic, Verse Wisconsin and Poetic Diversity. She is the author of the chapbook Stealing Daylight.

Accurate Description

I can speak the blue
of the ocean- most times fluently-
The white of the crowns
of the waves can frequently
be translated, allowing me
to rescue the missing story-

though I struggle to render
an accurate description
of the vibrancy of the white
riding seagulls wings- their
blending with pale white skies
on semidarkness

or the gray of a day in which
the clouds can only dream in tears.

I can speak the dark gray
of ancient walls that know
too much but- perhaps as a way
of self-defense- will not reveal
the origins of those black cracks
written in a language
we no longer comprehend.

I understand the connect
the dots language of the ocean’s
sparkles- especially around noon
when our bodies entice us
to dream a pause-

and our minds harshly judge
those brief spaces peeking out
in between sparkles searching for
meaning- any meaning-
that could easily travel
with the ocean’s breeze-

But don’t ask me to translate
that red hibiscus blossom
irrupting into the painting.
It’s still a mystery to me.

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