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Megan E. Freeman

Megan FreemanMegan E. Freeman’s debut poetry chapbook, Lessons on Sleeping Alone, was published in 2015 by Liquid Light Press. She has been published in literary anthologies and journals, and her poetry has been selected as texts for compositions commissioned by the Los Angeles Master Chorale and Ars Nova Singers. Megan holds degrees from Occidental College and the Ohio State University and lives near Boulder, Colorado.

am I Moon or are you?

“The moon does not get wet when reflected in the water
nor is the water broken or disturbed by the moon’s reflection.”
                                                         – Dogen Zenji

am I Moon or are you?
if I am Water I am no wetter
or better for your beaming
but in your light I see myself
enlightened in the night
more clearly deeply darkly still

and of course you
pearl of reflected light
playing across my waves
seen and seeing more clearly
for my mirrored surface
beaming down caressing my wet

in the becoming
in the presence of one another
we are entirely separate and entirely one


It was women, the artist said. Not men with spears and shields. Women with mallets and drums.  Women in their moon lodges, their menstrual caves, their red tents on retreat. Everyone assumed men in battle. Out on hunts. Making tools. Everyone was wrong. Women. Women on those walls. Women in their prime. Making music. Making meals. Making mischief. Retreating with the cycles of the moon. Making love and making babies. You can’t understand the color blue until you add a little red, the artist said.



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