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William Emery

emeryWilliam Emery is a fourth generation Kansan living in quasi-voluntary exile in NYC. He’s a former editor at Heyday Books, and founder of Ad Astra Books and Coffee House in Salina, Kansas. His work has appeared in The Collagist, Noble / Gas QRTLY, and Leveler, among other places. He’s working on a novel of folklore, giants, and lost prairie ecosystems.

The Same River

The river is the Hudson,
the river, the Hudson,
the river in ennui repeating,
anno anon anywhen.

It was Heraclitus who
said you can’t, it won’t, it doesn’t,
that redundancy doesn’t ex– but it does.
I’ve never sat in the same seat twice.

The exertions of these
excursions is but an ex–
change of doom for doom,
of silk for sheep-shorn robes.
A lover swapped for a lawyer,
a day arduous for a night inamorata.

The never-twice river is
exhaustion, a sedimentary
and barge-haunted torpor;
the true new,
–ist without ex–
the neo nihilo mo–
ment, the perpetual stop

is the river myth bent
and sudden as a serpent,
in inextricable inimical art,
laying waste to this green line train.

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