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Tammy Robacker

robackerTammy Robacker graduated from the Rainier Writing Workshop MFA program in Poetry at Pacific Lutheran University (2016). She won the 2015 Keystone Chapbook Prize for her manuscript, “R”. Her second poetry book, Villain Songs, is forthcoming with ELJ Publications in Fall 2016. Tammy published her first collection of poetry, The Vicissitudes, in 2009 (Pearle Publications) with a generous TAIP grant award. Tammy’s poetry has appeared in or is forthcoming in FRiGG, Tinderbox, Menacing Hedge, Chiron Review, VoiceCatcher, Duende, So to Speak, Crab Creek Review, WomenArts, and many more. Tammy lives in Oregon. Visit the poet:


who moved
my chi? can I leave
now? can I

I am not sure
where I belong
anymore. My
centered uni-

verse: a collapsar.
the free world
grows so

           just four walls
and a worn pathos
from my living
room. I’ve heard

strangers standing
outside my door

I ignore.
their slithering,
curving spines,
all dark question

marks. all
worst case
scenarios I leave

Memory, the Wooded Area

Memory, the wooded area
behind blood moon face

where holes dug deep
and bodies dumped.

Poisoned mush of rooms.
Here, old toads on stools

linger, growing soft lichen-
stringy fingers to shush midnight

blue coyote howls
and screech owl sounds.

Flashbacks like ochre pupa worms
squirm there in perpetual puberty,

in old pulp-fissured logs,
tickling beneath the bark.

Ribbed grubs rub themselves
out in cerebellum dark.


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