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Renee Butner

butnerRenee Butner is a freelance writer and poet who lives in Winston-Salem, NC. Following publication at the age of 18, she continued to write in her early years of marriage, then took a hiatus to raise three children and help her husband start several businesses. She is now again actively exercising her creative side by both writing and painting. She has been published in Belle Reve Literary Journal, Poetry in Plain Sight and is a member of the NC Haiku Society.

blue lights in the mirror

blue lights in the mirror drops chasing down
the windshield cracks spread like spiderwebs
a pretty web with tiny droplets once web of
deceit divide and conquer conquer the terror
the loneliness wash away the nightmares as
if erasing a chalkboard smooth and black
ready for a bright new day pristine cold chalk
gripped write down your feelings, dear no
feeling can be bad admit your guilt free
yourself let it all go float like a butterfly
blue lights in the mirror back inside your
head headache and cold something seems
wrong two wrongs do not make a right turn
on red keep an eye on the raindrops drop of
brandy if you please blue lights bounce from
tree to tree sea to shining sea

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