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Fall 2016 Poetry Contest Winner: Jari Chevalier


Jari Chevalier’s poems are forthcoming in Poetry East and The Cincinnati Review and have appeared in American Literary Review, Barrow Street, Beloit Poetry Journal, Boulevard, Cimarron Review, The Cortland Review, Gulf Coast Online, The Massachusetts Review, Ploughshares, and other literary journals. In 2014 she received a Merit Award in the Atlanta Review’s International Poetry contest and was a finalist in Ploughshares Emerging Writers competition. She holds a Master of Arts in Creative Writing from CCNY and was an honors graduate in Literature and Writing at Columbia University.

This Time of Year

Peacocks and peahens peck & strut.
In the lane the sun comes on full
& a heavy feather-bundle dragging behind
in dust & stones lifts, spreads. Behold
a libidinous pleasure as he lobs & twitches
its weight from the flared beds of quills.

In the evening, he climbs a huge pine
to the highest; his head ornament
springs like a jester’s baubles, his luxuriant gown
trails elegant in air. Look at him — dream? Act?
Fantasm? Fact? When he opens his
throat the valley is shattered;
when he opens his eyes
the valley’s intact.



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